Days: June 2017

Time: 6:00-7:30 pm

Where: Bellarmine Preparatory School (2300 S. Washington St., Tacoma)

Suggested Donation: $25

Competition Opportunities for All Participants

  • Individual and Team Skills Competition is for athletes who want to compete against other athletes, but are not ready or capable of playing on a team
  • Team Competition is for athletes with developmental disabilities who are ready to play on a team and compete against athletes of similar ability
  • Unified Sports Teams place athletes with developmental disabilities on the same team with athletes without disabilities, and are designed to improve the skill levels of athletes while breaking down social barriers


  • Regional Tournament: TBD
  • State Tournament: TBD
  • Additional Tournament and Games will be added

What does the donation include?

Basic instruction at practices

  • Games
  • Tournaments
  • Jersey (First one)

Questions, Concerns or Suggestions: Call Krissy at (253) 241-3634 or e-mail at